Thursday, 16 April 2015

Week One

RE: MAPPING. New Ways of Thinking About Ourselves

First select your cup according to your mood.

Welcome to the page for this new and exciting project! Here I will be recording moments and thoughts from the workshops as they unfold. I hope you will join me on this incredible venture by keeping track of the work as it progresses here. It is very early days and there are still places available for people to participate. Please visit here or email for further details.

'When delightful rain falls always use the amazing umbrella'....

A useful piece of advice indeed! How else to begin our very first session than to share a nice cup of tea? We sampled tea from around the world, swapped stories about our Nanna's china and created tongue in cheek, sanguine and sublime sayings to put on  the tags of tea bags using our random text generator.

Oh Gosh! How exciting!

We think we could be employed by a certain herbal tea company with our efforts! Our instructions for making the perfect cuppa turned into 'How to Make Tea Mindfully' which became a beautiful reflection on being thankful for the small things.
We shared a sensory experience of smell, touch and taste which moved our work in unexpected directions making it a fabulous first day. The participants gave so much energy and enthusiasm to the sessions, and the work naturally meandered on exciting tangents. We have so much material already from our first day. I can't wait to see where our process takes us!

Thanks to everyone who made us feel welcome at the library and to everyone who gave so much to making the day a success.

Jasmine Tea

the giving of life
turns a sea urchin
into a discovery of underwater


the moisture to the flower
is charming and capturing

patience reveals
the mysterious
hidden underwater coral reef

gentle, beautiful and colourful
the fascinating flower
fed by the moisture


Taste the flower

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