Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Week Two, Staple Hill

I had such a lot of fun today! As described in our first physical exercise, I was feeling a little Bleeeuuuhgggghhhhhhh but ended the day feeling much more Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! A fantastic energy filled the room as we took the theme of journeying and literally ran with it. Things took a metaphorical turn as we discussed our attitudes that drive us through life’s journeys. Several writing exercises produced some amazing texts, we had Coincidental Catastrophes in Conway and Beautiful Beings at the Bar in Babbacombe.
 The writing that came out of today’s session was profound and beautiful. I began to suspect that we had some published writers in our midst. Watch this space for evidence of their talents! People took a leap of faith in some of the more physical exercises which we will build upon to generate material for creating the artwork as a culmination of these sessions. The artists already have an idea brewing after two really great days at Staple Hill. We will, of course keep you posted.

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